Monday, April 27, 2009

Bike Route Toasting, Part 2: The Mollala River 100k

Here's another populaire to do in the Portland area, one that takes us out of the Tualatin River Valley:

The Mollala River 100k
(Click the map to go to the bike route toaster interactive version.)

My buddy Bruce showed me this ride, and as it turns out, it works out great as a slightly augmented 100k populaire (it's actually 107k). The ride starts out in Canby, at the Thriftway, and heads south across the prairie to Mollala. It's flat, wide-open, easy terrain. From Mollala, the route goes down to the Mollala River, and follows it to Dickey Prairie. From there, it keeps following the river up the recreation corridor almost to the Table Rock trailhead. The climb up to the turnaround is gradual, but when you turn around, the descent is quick and fun. The route takes a slight detour on the way home at Dickey Prairie, going over a small hill and picking up Macksburg Road on the other side. The ride back to Canby is a cruise along the edge of the Mollala River.

This ride can be done most of the year, though you can get some snow on the ground up in the hills in the winter months. Services are available at Canby, Mollala, and Dickey Prairie.

Here's the elevation profile:


Blogger phil varner said...

What's your preferred route from getting to Canby from Portland?

4:44 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

I like going south to Milwaukie (Springwater, 17th), River Road to Oregon City, up Singer Hill, High Street, becomes South End Road. Then, 99E to Territorial (about 1.5 miles.) If you can't stand the short bit on 99E, then Central Point from Oregon City is a good way to go.

See also this post:

4:49 PM  

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